Though it has seen supply shortages since its launch, the Xbox One Elite Controller is back in stock, for a limited time. Gamestop currently lists the $150 controller as available, Best Buy has used controllers, and Amazon says their stock will be replenished January 26th. Unfortunately Microsoft website still lists the controllers as out-of-stock.

Due to lukewarm reception of a $150 price tag, Microsoft originally scaled back the release of the new, customizable controllers, but soon found they had radically under estimated the demand.

Back in November Microsoft said, “We’re thrilled at the amount of interest we’ve received for the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller… We are working quickly to get more units of the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller in the hands of fans…”

Currently, you can also get the Elite Controller by simply buying the Elite Xbox One 1TB console. Do you have an Elite Controller? Have you been looking for one? Let us know in the comments.

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