The internet has been awash with early-2000s gaming nostalgia this week due to the recent Nintendo Direct. With the announced release of a Twilight Princess HD remake along with it’s bomb-ass Wolf Link amiibo figure, understandably some stuff has fallen through the cracks amidst all of the chaos.

Apparently while we were all distracted, Nintendo did something crazy, they actually announced that Mother 3 (the AMAZING sequel to Earthbound) was coming to the Wii U Virtual Console. Which would be awesome… were it not for the fact that it’s only being released in Japan. Obviously this means that we are indeed a very-large step closer to getting to see the game worldwide (*cough*via official release*cough*), but Nintendo has been very explicit in the fact that they don’t intend on greenlighting a translation (*cough*official translation*cough*).

I personally, am not uncrossing my fingers on this one. I would just LOVE to get to see this game get an official US release… also, while we’re on the subject. Why the hell isn’t Earthbound on the 3DS eShop?! Man that would be awesome… get on that Nintendo…. I know you’re out there.

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