For Mass Effect fans, the official day of celebration is just 4 days away, on November 7th.

BioWare has promised surprises for the fans, as well as some festive celebrations in their most recent blog post. Starting off at 9am PST, BioWare – developers of Mass Effect – will be live streaming Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC. Join the developers as they re-explore the content and ask you to help make their decisions.

Each donation (up to $10,000 in total) will matched by the company, making your donations towards Extra Life go even further then it would of before.

To help show off your Mass Effect pride, they have Facebook and Twitter cover and profile pictures. Give aways, store promos and sales, as well as N7 day at the studio. BioWare is asking for fans to show off what N7 means to you, by using the hashtag #N7Day on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

BioWare has said that their is no major announcement for Mass Effect: Andromeda, but you never know, something might slip on the live stream.

Are you celebrating N7 Day?

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