While Heroes of the Storm has gained much popularity within the MOBA market, they’ve also been ones to shake up characters with new and interesting ways to play them. With their latest hero announced, they’ve managed to up the ante on interesting mechanics.

The Chieftain of the Twilight’s Hammer Clan himself, Cho’Gall, will become a playable character(s) in Heroes of the Storm. The two-headed orc mage will only be able to be played with pre-made groups, meaning that anyone in a solo queue won’t be able to use him. However, those few friends that do might have their relationship tested.

To balance having two people play the same character, Cho’Gall will be balanced, and killing Cho’Gall will grant the killer a double kill. The player in Cho will control movements and Cho’s abilities, while the player controlling Gall will be able to queue his own abilities into the mix, with his own separate talent tree to boot. As well, playing the game with someone that owns Cho’Gall and winning will give you Cho’Gall for free.

As BlizzCon rages on, more content and characters for Heroes of the Storm will be released, but I don’t think anything could be more interesting than a two-headed ogre mage that’s controlled by two people at the same time. That’s just crazy. How do you think Cho’Gall will stand in-game? Do you think he’ll be overpowered, or will his spells fizzle? Sound off in the comments, and check out more about Cho’Gall in the image below! You can also check out this video which displays all of Cho’Gall’s abilities.


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