In a trailer released on Xbox’s youtube page this past Friday, Major Nelson and Richard Irving walk through the new Avatars in the upcoming Xbox One update.

The most obvious improvement is in the overall look of the avatars. The quality has been brought up significantly, similar to the Avatar app available through Windows 10. For those excited about customizing their avatars, all costumes and accessories you own from your Xbox 360 days will be available for the Xbox One Avatars as well.

In addition, rather than just being a cool feature on your console, your avatar will act as a visual representation of your account as a whole. Every action you make in the activity feed will be seen alongside your avatar. For example, if a friend makes a post, you will see their avatar with that post doing whatever it is avatars do.

In addition, a video detailing the new improvements to OneGuide was released alongside the Avatar showcase. The improvements, while seemingly minor, affect your television watching experience in a big way. The app will now feature more relevant recommendations based on your favorites and watching history. It also improves the speed of getting in and out of watching in general.

The New Xbox One Experience will be dropping in on consoles this week on November 12th. For those in the preview program, you’ll have access to the update right now by going into the Preview app and requesting the download.

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