Recently unveiling their 2016 lineup of games, game developers and publishers Team17 have showcased the games in the works for 2016. Team17 are the small time development team that started with with Worms in 1995. It’s been 20 years for the franchise and 24 years since the formation of the studio. The company has moved into not only development but publishing games like The Escapist, Light and Hay Ewe. In the next year however, these are the games you’re expected to see from the studio:


Featuring the workings of various RARE devs who worked on games such as Banjo-Kazooie and the classic Donkey Kong Country. Playtonic Games’ phenomenal kickstarter campaign was met with incredible success and reception as fans came to back their project. The game will feature Yooka the charmeleon-like creature and Laylee the bat. The player will have to use the duo’s unique abilities to traverse the various platforms and obstacles in an incredible and beautiful 3D landscape.


Worms W.M.D

Continuing to add more content and innovation to keep the classic Worms formula alive, Team17’s has sown chaos with Worms WMD. The landscape continues to be polished in its 2.5D style and the game receives its first ever introduction to vehicles. Yes microscopic worms have progressed quite far from missiles to grenades and have now learnt how to drive tanks and bunker down in proper buildings. The world of Worms has become an extremely hazardous place. Worms W.M.D will be out sometime in 2016 on both Windows PC and Microsoft Xbox One.


Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE

A very fluid and precise 3D Action brawler with an obscene amount of skill. Ivent Games is the developer for this project and they’ve got a very solid title on their hands. If games like Devil May Cry are your fancy, this game has some intense high-action brawling with multiple enemies on the screen. You can play this game in its story or if you’d rather jump right into it, you can smash away at enemies in the timed Survival mode.



In a cross with This War of Mine and Fallout Shelter, this title is available now on early access. An extreme base management game that seeks to push players into the hardened position of taking care of a full family and keeping them alive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The challenge is how the player will deal with the various moral issues presented by the game. Leaving the player struggling to survive each day.


Allison Road

That PT spiritual successor is on its way to 2016. With the announcement of its crowdfunding being cancelled and joining up with Team17, Lilith Ltd put its foot forward to fill the void that Konami left us. Allison Road is an atmospheric survival horror game where your home isn’t exactly the safest place and the mysteries surrounding the circumstances of your family is steeped in menacing evil. An incredibly well crafted game and highly anticipated for fans of the survival horror genre.


And that’s the round up for Team17. There’s a lot going on for the game label and a lot of promising titles in the upcoming year. It’s going to be a hectic but hopefully a rewarding 25th anniversary for the company!

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