Reported by Nintendo Life, the SNES PlayStation prototype that we saw circulating this summer was a real thing.

Images originally posted on HKGolden help show off the system in all its glory, and the questions of ‘what if’ begin to resurface regarding the Sony and Nintendo relationship that could of been.

Dan Diebold and his father Terry took it to the Retro.HK show to present the machine, which they booted up and played a few cartridge games on. (CDs were never developed for the console itself)

Dan’s father Terry worked at Advanta Corporation before, which the former Sony Interactive Entertainment boss, Olaf Olafsson, was CEO of. Terry bid $75 for some of the company assets when Advanta Corporation went backrupt, and won a few cups and saucers. The console was packaged alongside with them.

The years of storage caused almost no damage to the console, and only the cartridge itself seems to have problems. The console still boots up and shows a Super Disc BIOS screen. Both Terry and Dan are refusing to part with the console for any price, although they have said they were offered $45,000. They may consider putting it up in a museum at one point.

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