In the past year, we have witnessed a lot of superheroes duking it out on the big screen. While these films are entertaining, nothing beats taking control of some of your favorite comic book characters and running the battle yourself. That is what Injustice 2 will bring to the table this May, at least for the DC side of things.

Ed Boon of NetherRealm Studios has stated that with this title he plans on reaching to some more obscure heroes and villains in the DC Universe. This was made clear by the addition of Blue Beetle, Atrocitus, and the Damien Wayne version of Robin. There will possibly be some 3rd party characters as well. But overall, there are a few characters in partiucular we think would be fantastic to add to the array of fighters in Injustice 2.


Carapax Injustice

I am a firm believer that each hero should have a villain from their own rogue gallery and vice versa. With the addition of Blue Beetle to Injustice 2, it is only fair that he should be met with his arch nemesis, Carapax. Once an archeologist and rival of Dr. Daniel Garrett, the original Blue Beetle, his mind was transferred into the horrible weaponized robot he battles with to this day. With super strength and missiles that lunch from his body, he could prove to be a real powerhouse in Injustice 2. His gameplay would probably be similar to that of Lex Luthor in the first game of the series. He has also confronted the likes of Superman before, so you know he can handle his own.


Cheetah Injustice

Wonder Woman is one of the first heroes you think of when you hear DC Universe or Justice League. With Ares appearing in the last Injustice, it seems the role of a Wonder Woman villain is open. Cheetah would be a perfect fit. Her main desire that has pushed her throughout the years is simply to defeat Diana Prince in the heat of combat. Having been a part of the Injustice League and Society of Super Villains, she has experience fighting against everything the heroes of Earth could throw at her. Taking a role in this battle would be no stretch for the feline villain.

Black Manta

Black Manta Injustice

While Wonder Woman had Ares in the first Injustice and Blue Beetle was only added in the sequel, Aquaman has had no villain in both games thus far. For this reason, it seems only fair that the formidable Black Manta be added to the list. His growing hatred of the King of Atlantis has turned him into a homicidal maniac. Seems to fit right in to a fighting game made by NetherRealm studios. With laser eyes and other weapons attached to his suit, the move list for him could be stellar. Ocean Master has been the featured archenemy of Aquaman recently, but he would most likely play too similar to the hero of the sea. Time to give the nod to the Legion of Doom member himself.

The Comedian 

The Comedian Injustice

Some time ago, the internet went crazy when Ed Boon asked if players wanted to see any Watchmen characters added to Injustice 2. The answer was obviously a roaring yes. Looking at the list, however, none of them actually have any powers except for Dr. Manhattan. Considering nothing came even close to harming him, he may be a little overpowered to join a fighting game roster. The Comedian seems like a good choice because of his use of weapons and overall style. Each and every character in Watchmen is beautifully written, but Nite Owl is basically a less dark Batman. Since Injustice 2 already has one of those, the charismatic anti-hero, The Comedian, and his whole arsenal are the best pick.

5. Booster Gold

Booster Gold Injustice

You want obscure DC characters? Well you got it. Booster Gold was a college football player from the future who stole a few toys from the Metropolis Space Museum, namely a flight ring and force field belt, in order to go back in time and become a super hero himself. Although his intentions were selfish and he often is looking for cameras after saving the day, Booster Gold is still made a member of the Justice League and has learned a lot of compassion over the years. He would fit in perfect for Injustice 2 with a unique set of moves, thanks to his robot partner Skeets. He could also act as a good comic relief and is often shown as best friends with Blue Beetle, so his addition would match well considering that hero was already added. Basically, Booster Gold needs to happen in Injustice 2.

There are hundreds of other DC characters that make sense for the title. Some are most likely good candidates for alternate costumes, such as SuperBoy Prime or pretty much any Green Lantern, but plenty more can easily stand on their own. Is there anyone else you want to see added to the roster? Let us know in the comments.

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