In the slew of many announcements at Blizzcon, it was announced that an additional series of mission packs will be supporting the 3rd and final expansion to the StarCraft 2 series. Titled Nova Covert Ops, these missions will be focused predominately on Nova’s exploits after the events of the Legacy of the Void as well as the Dominion. Much like Heart of the Swarm and Zeratul’s missions, she will be providing a racial relief for Legacy of the Void campaign players so that they can play. Unlike Zeratul’s visions quests, Nova’s Terrans will benefit from an upgrade system that is usually in place for the highlighted race within the current expansion.

Nova’s missions will be both mixes of army and base management as well as solo hero runs of maps. Nova Covert Ops is planned to be 9 missions long in packs of three. Whether or not these packs are paid DLC is up in the air, but the plan is to create and fully flesh out these mission packs as they come. The current plans for Nova Covert Ops and potential future mission packs to help the longevity of StarCraft 2 is to play with and experiment with the different mechanics in single player and gauge the audience interaction from it.

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void is slated for release on the 10th of November on PC. The Nova Covert Ops missions will be out a bit after this release date as the team works out all the details. For now, get hype!

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