October’s pre-season leaders boards for Heroes of the Storm has been released.    The players listed are from the American region with ranking done by MMR.

The top ten for the Heroes League are:

  1. McIntyre
  2. Wiz
  3. Srey
  4. cattlepiller
  5. foerest
  6. Vokun
  7. Nazmas
  8. Goku
  9. bigempct
  10. erho

The last two month’s number one was Srey, but since then they have fallen to number three and have been replaced by McIntyre.

Top ten for Team League:

  1. DarkPantherz
  2. Insyder
  3. Cauthonluck
  4. MysticLeez
  5. Jeleto
  6. Srey
  7. Hospital
  8. Yuuj
  9. Wraith
  10. cattlepiller

to check out the full listings click here.

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