New releases of trailers depicting the upcoming December 18 Star Wars film always have unique shots that reveal something further about the plotline of the movie. Most recently, a thirty-second trailer was released to the Korean public and has been uploaded to the Korean Star Wars Youtube channel. The trailer opens with a wide shot of a large Imperial army and a lineup of officials with their backs to the camera, one of which is the mysterious evil Captain Phasma. IMO, he seems to have some Darth Vader-esque connotations and a bit of a Boba Fett thing going on.

All the while, the voiceover from the original November trailer release looms in the background along with familiar action shots from the two previous trailers that reiterate the sheer excitement that the world has for the facelifted Star Wars franchise. Although, besides the buzz that this trailer has created, gamers continue to keep their heads up and their ears open for any updates on the new Battlefront video game released in November for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. I speculate that not much else will be revealed about the DLC or gameplay and that we’ll just have to play the darn thing, but one can always hope.

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