Steam has always had a bit of an issue with user reviews, and today Otherland has been added to that list. According to MMOs, Otherland has been paying users off for reviews – then denying the claims.

Several reviews have appeared consisting of broken English, less then 3 hours spent on the game, or for some reviews no time on record. These reviews often address issues that others have complained about, saying that they have yet to experience any server issues.

The author of the article on MMOs, Omer Altay, recalls his time with Otherland as buggy, frustrating, and overall negative. Having to create 5 characters just to make it through the games tutorial, Drago Entertainment’s claims of Otherland being the most complete early access game on steam far from the truth.

Drago Entertainment did have a developer comment on the review issue on the forum, claiming that they gave away free copies of the game, but never paid off anyone for good reviews.


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