Microsoft recently announced a new promotion for Halo 5: Guardians that allows people to buy 3d-printed versions of their own in-game Halo 5 Spartan. Microsoft partnered with Sandboxr and 3D Systems for the promotion.

Players can order three different sizes of Spartans that comes complete with all customizations that a player has made to their character. In Halo 5 there are currently 175 armor and helmet variations, and 30 different colors to choose from.

Players can choose one of five different stances for their character and equip their Spartan with one of five different weapons. Players can then add up to 18 characters of text to the stand that the Spartan stands on to add even more uniqueness.

The promotion is only available until December 6, and players who purchase will receive a free REQ Supply Pack. You can head to the website to get started and check out the pricing breakdown below:


  • Small 4-4.5 inches: $30 USD
  • Medium 5-5.5 inches: $50 USD
  • Large 6-7 inches: $90 USD

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