In a recent interview, Sony Worldwide Studio’s president, Shuhei Yoshida, was asked about the development, or rather, lack there of, of new first party PlayStation Vita games.  Any absence in announcements was noted at the latest E3 conference.  Yoshida showed a consistent amount of enthusiasm for the PSVita as he did the PS4 and PlayStation VR.

“We could have used the event to talk about our new online services,” he said in regards to the absence of game announcements for the PSVita. “Or the PS4’s new system features. There are many things we’re working on that we didn’t have time for.”

He went on further to express his excitement for games being released for the Vita by third-party developers.  Following this, Yoshida stressed that, while their focus has shifted to the PS4 and PlayStaytion VR, this does not mean that there is zero development in the handheld department.

“Nowadays, still people are excited and using Vita very frequently, it’s a great portable gaming system. As long as there is a demand, why not.”

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