A new tournament, The National Dota 2 Cup, will be starting next week on the 21st of September.  The tournament will feature sixteen national teams, competing for a $10,000 starting prize pool.  The organizers of the competition selected one player from each participating country to create their national squad.

Not all of the teams have been finalized as of yet.  The deadline for them to submit their final roster is Friday the 18th of September.  The confirmed squads feature: Finland; represented by 4 Anchors and Sea Captain, Greece; boasting a mixture of the old London Conspiracy and the new Golden Boys players, and Russia; featuring yoky, Silent, SoNNeikO, god and Sqreen.  The full list of participating countries is: United States, Sweden, Greece, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Portugal, Serbia, Finland, France, Bosnia, Turkey, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Russia.

The tournament will be structured with the sixteen teams being placed into four groups.  The top two teams of each group will progress to the main event playoffs.  The remaining teams will face each other in tiebreakers in order to determine whether they will enter the upper or lower bracket.  The event will be broadcast via Hitbox.


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