In a recent PC Gamer, they interviewed Chris “Ozy311”, who has backed Star Citizen for about $30,000.

For reference, the highest tier on Star Citizen’s Kickstarter was $10,000. The game itself has raised about 94 million according to PC Gamer, and it doesn’t look like it’ll slow down anytime soon. With Star Citizen being one of the biggest Indie games we have ever seen, the money needed is incredible.

That is where people like Chris have come in to save the day. In the interview with PC Gamer, Chris explained that Chris Roberts – the creator of Star Citizen – was one of his biggest influences throughout his life. The backing didn’t start at $30,000, it just slowly made its way up to it.

Chris explained that everything he has put into Star Citizen has been on completely disposable income. He hasn’t touched his main bank account in regards to the game, and works side jobs to pay for everything. “I wasn’t stupid in that regard, you know. Putting things on credit cards, that’d be dumb.”

When it comes to the side jobs, he told PC Gamer the following “Well, just various work. I’m in the computing operations industry. I work for a very large tech company. [..] Like I said, I don’t have any of my fun money come from my main income. I do some work for my father, and I help a few other people that I knew before my current employment. Just enough to feed my dream.”

Chris was interested in Star Citizen because we grew up in an era filled with Science Fiction and the goal of not being stuck to Earth. Having so much place to explore, that’s where Star Citizen’s idea comes from. “There’s always been stabs and attempts at it and, it’s not been done correctly yet. Chris Roberts came back after being gone for so long, and had a vision, saying that he felt the technology and the PC market was there now to try to create his ultimate dream.”

When it comes to believing in Star Citizen, Chris chooses to ignore the haters that are calling it all a scam. He uses Blizzard, and specifically Diablo III, as an example. “Every time they release a tech demo and new playable features, there’s a huge surge in incoming signups and pledges. It takes a long time to make a game. Blizzard will make a good portion of their game in secret. Look at Diablo III. It was silent for how many years, under development for nearly a decade before it was even announced?”

In regards to who he tells, and who understands, Chris has this much to say about all of it. “The people that get it don’t judge. The people who don’t understand it think you’re crazy. But then I always use that boat analogy, because I used to have a souped-up S2000 with a supercharger and every Honda in my twenties, and I’d race them and everything. That’s no different. I guarantee I spent more money on my Hondas and my import love than I have on this game. […] I choose who I tell it to. Like, I haven’t told hardly anybody outside of my wife and kids, and my immediate family. My parents don’t know. They wouldn’t understand it. They would think it’s a crazy, stupid thing.”

The entire Interview is much longer then this, and takes an in depth look as to why Chris – or anyone, for that matter – would spend this sort of money on a game like Star Citizen. He has worked hard to get the money to back the game the amount that he has, and it certainly will pay off when the game releases.

At least that’s what we are all hoping.

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