With Star Wars Battlefront finally arriving to stores and flying off the shelves, both physically and digitally, EA has a lot to be proud of with this title. The game has received mostly positive reviews, including a 7/10 from our own Jesse Stafford. Some Star Wars fans, however, seem less pleased.

In a recent post on Instagram, Breaking Benjamin frontman, Benjamin Burnley, claimed to have been offered payment to say he was enjoying the new Star Wars title, but it looks like he did not agree. The post below shows a cracked Battlefront disc and a caption calling the game a “piece of sh*t” that is worse than the “god awful prequels” and is “ruining Star Wars.” The first quote is a bit misleading, however, as Burnley actually called the game a “peice of sh*t,” not once, but twice in his post. Evidently, spelling is not very important to him when going on a social media rant.

Luckily for EA and Star Wars Battlefront, actress and singer Anna Kendrick is promoting the game as part of a live-action commercial and her Twitter account. It is important to note that Anna Kendrick’s Twitter and Instagram both have nearly 5 million followers, where as Benjamin Burnley’s only have about 50,000. Just like his career, it seems Benjamin comes up a bit short. Star Wars Battlefront is available now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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