If you are a gamer in the world today, you should know the name Gabe Newell. As the managing director of Valve corporations, he helped bring us the Counter-Strike, The Half-Life series, and Steam. While we should all be thankful for his work in the video game industry, it seems he is touching upon other investments as well.

In a recent interview with Eater, the Steam boss told a story of going to an auction at his son’s middle school and winning a free dinner by ChefSteps, a cooking education company. The two chefs that came to Newell’s house, Chris Young and Grant Crilly, made what he described as, “easily the best food [he] ever had.” Immediately, his son became extremely interested in cooking and Newell thought he should invest in ChefSteps.

While this investment is only in the form of a low-interest loan, it is clear that Gabe Newell is a big fan of the company. He even made a cameo in one of their videos. Can you spot the head of Steam below?

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