Steam’s annual fall sale has received a new lick of paint this year, being renamed to the ‘exploration’ sale.

Whilst nobody is quite sure what makes it an ‘exploration’ sale, instead of steams usual wallet raiding sale. It is the first steam sale to have all deals available at their lowest price immediately rather than the usual rotation of daily deals and flash sales. Thankfully that means the pressure to impulse buy is much lower. Considering the size of my and many other’s unplayed Steam libraries that’s a relief.

There are however still highlighted deals daily but they’ll be available at that price for the entire duration. From today’s list I’d recommend Life is Strange for a rather different take on the TellTale series of choice based games. The Fallout Franchise is also there if Fallout 4 has sparked your interest in the older games, or wasn’t quite your cup of tea.

The Sale runs from November 25th until December 1st, so make sure to take advantage of these deals while you can.

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