Assassin’s Creed is the latest venture into the Video Game adaptation genre, overseen by Azaïzia Aymar, head of content for the franchise.

The first movie has just finished filming, meaning that post-production is up next. Assassin’s Creed stars award winning Michael Fassbender, who portrays a young Magneto in the recent X-men movies.

Michael Fassbender said back in October that he’d like to see a sequel to the film, despite the first one still being in production at the time. “We’ll see how the first one does, but that’s the idea, […] The material and the landscape is so rich, there’s definitely enough there for a franchise.” By the sounds of things, Fassbender would be a fan of the video games.

Back in both November and December photos of the set came out, with one leak and one official release.

The movie is set to launch December 21st, 2016.


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