Valve’s official Halloween festivities for Team Fortress 2 kicked off with the 2015 Scream Fortress update which mainly included community-driven content as well as all update events from the past six years of Scream Fortress.

Everything submitted to the Workshop with the “Halloween” tag was under consideration for inclusion in this years Scream Fortress update. Of course, Valve put each item through the scrutinity to find only the best items.

What players got were numerous maps, items, taunts and unusuals starting with the Soul Gargoyle which tracks the number of souls you have collected as well as accomplishments. Items also included were a new Gargoyle Case which contained a horror hockey mask for the Pyro, pirate pants for the Scout, a taunt that lets you ride a broom and much more.

Four Halloween-themed community-made maps were also included. Along with their inclusion into the update, these maps will also earn their creators some of the revenue generated from the sale of the Gargoyle Case items.

Manpower mode has finally left beta. This mode, which includes powerups and grappling hooks, will now have a smoother player experience, a new map and three new powerups.

Finally, as mentioned, Valve has released all events from the past six years of Scream Fortress updates for players to haunt including taking down the Horseless Headless Horsemann and the Monoculus.

Unlike most Halloween items released in the past which could only be used on the holiday or during full moons, all these items can be used restriction free any time of the year.

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