Smite developer Hi-Rez Studios has dropped some details on it’s brand new game mode, Clash.

The mythology-based MOBA’s new game mode is somewhat of a hybrid between the more deathmatch-styled Arena mode and the more classic MOBA mode Conquest.

Hi-Rez states that the game mode will be based around team fights and lane pushing mechanics. There will be a wide open area in the middle of the map that will likely draw team fights as their is an attack camp that will offer the conquering team an attack buff.

Hi-Rez has also stated that Clash will help teach mechanics from other game modes and bridge the gap between Conquest and Arena.

“With our two premiere game modes (Conquest and Arena), we often find players either like the free-for-all constant fighting of Arena or the strategic nature of Conquest,” Hi-Rez stated. “While veterans of both modes will also enjoy the fast-paced action this new game mode provides, we wanted a mode that could bridge the gap between modes and allow for players who may favor one mode to experience some of what the other mode has to offer.”

There has been no word on when Xbox One players will get to play the new mode but PC players can try out Clash now on public servers.

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