Resident Evil 2 is undeniably one of the best horror games of all time, but it does definitely drink the Evil Dead kool-aid of over-the-top campy-ness, and that’s why a a good chunk of the game is just downright weird in retrospect. A good example of this is one of the games many easter eggs, basically if your in the Police station and you search Wesker’s desk fifty times in succession you’ll find a film canister, this can then be taken to a dark room in-game at which point a creepy, de-rezed picture of the character Rebecca Chambers pops up… and it looks like she’s getting ready to shoot some hoops. This is obviously just one of those moments in gaming that’s just neither here nor there in its just straight up weird presentation, but as all things eventually do, this has risen back to the top and it’s in the most strange, fanservice-y way



Yep, for some reason they’re giving the upcoming Resident Evil Zero HD remake a player costume based on Resident Evil 2’s blatantly cringey easter egg and guess what? It’s sexy… because yeah of course it is.

Not that it’s not super cool that they payed homage to the old easter egg like this but… the original picture was just so hilariously awkward in how it was presented that I’m almost disappointed that they didn’t go farther off the deep end with the stupidity. I mean seriously, it would have been hilarious if they gave Rebecca’s model those weird wide shoulders that she had in the picture or better yet had they put in a Shonen style subplot about the ‘RPD’ basketball team trying to beat those no good out-of-towners and maybe learn a little about themselves in the process.