Netflix users in every country but the U.S. and Canada are in luck: the new Star Trek TV series will be available for streaming on the popular video streaming service.

Each episode will be available 24 hours after its U.S. release in 188 of the countries globally that have Netflix. For American viewers wishing to stream, they’ll have to go CBS Access. And for Canadian viewers? Sorry, you’ll be going to Bell Media.

As a bigger surprise, it’s also been revealed that every episode of Star Trek – all 727, to be exact – will be available to stream through Netflix by the end of 2016. No set date was stated, though, so those looking to do that right now are out of luck.

The new TV series won’t be connected to the current myriad of movies, such as the recently released Star Trek: Beyond, and plans to introduce new characters to the established Star Trek universe. The show will release in January 2017, and will be the seventh Star Trek TV series. The new TV series will also not focus on a ship called the Enterprise, and doesn’t exactly have much else known about it.

I’m personally hoping for some early Federation timelines, such as gathering species and planets to the Federation, as well as early issues with the Klingons. It’d be a great place to start off since Enterprise ended with the birth of the Federation (even if it was a tad awkward).

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