Before BlizzCon can even make mention of it, World of Warcraft’s next expansion has been leaked. Titled Legion, the expansion will change around the level caps and add a new class called the Demon Hunter.

The leaked image above was taken from World of Warcraft’s site,, which read the following: “Expected game release on or before September 21st, 2016.” The image also details some pricing and content info. Pre-purchase of the expansion will grant an automatic boost to level 100, with the standard edition of the game costing $49.99. For $69.99, players can purchase the deluxe edition of the game, which come with a Illidari Felstalker mount, a Nibbles pet, and more.

With Blizzard now not releasing subscription information, it’ll be sad to not see the impact of this new expansion will bring to the userbase of World of Warcraft, but nonetheless, this new expansion will hopefully revitalize the somewhat stagnating, 11 year old MMO. If you’re still curious about Legion, check out the site for it and maybe even sign up for the beta here. What do you think about Legion? Bit pricey for just an expansion, or the right price for the content that will be provided? Sound off in the comments!

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