Four new games will be available for Xbox Live Gold members to download this month, with two being available right now.

Pneuma: Breath of Life for Xbox One, a first person adventure game, and Dirt 3 for Xbox 360, the popular racing franchise, can now be downloaded to your consoles. Knight Squad, a SNES-era Bomberman-like game, and Dungeon Siege 3 will be available on the 16th.

Don’t have an Xbox 360? Well, don’t worry. November 12th will bring Xbox One owners the very awesome New Xbox One Experience update. The update will bring about many changes to the console’s software. This means that the user interface, community settings, and more will be seeing a massive revamp. The Xbox One will also be updating into the Windows 10 OS, which includes a few major features like DirectX 12 support, which should at the very least, improve some behind the scenes performance issues in games.

More important, the update will introduce backwards compatibility onto the console, allowing for a specific list of Xbox 360 games to work on the modern console. These include all Gold titles, so all four games available this month can be downloaded on your Xbox One.

The update will be available for Preview members sometime in the immediate future as well.

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