Yoko Taro, director of the upcoming PlayStation 4 game Nier: Automata recently stated he originally intended on calling the game Nier: Android but feared legal action from Google.

In an interview with EDGE, Taro said, “Because it’s a story about androids, I wanted to call it Nier: Android. Obviously Google’s for the trademark [on Android] and we were worried about it. There was no title fixed by the time E3 came, so we had to do the presentation without.”

Of course, Yoko believes the title is a good compromise stating “it’s representative because it covers all kinds of meanings” also adding “the world that you see in Nier: Automata is one where androids and mechanised weapons clash in ferocious combat in a barren and deserted wasteland.”

Nier: Automata is a PlayStation 4 exclusive scheduled to be released in 2016.

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