It has been a long time since gamers were first introduced to the world of Mirror’s Edge. It is just a shame that it has taken eight years to get a new story in the series. Now we’ll finally get to see the origins of Faith Connors in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, but she’ll have some tough enemies to face.

With a totalitarian rule on her city, there are a lot soldiers and other baddies who will try and stop her at all costs. A long post on the Mirror’s Edge blog shows off a number of these enemies. While there are many low threat Guardians representing the rule of KrugerSec, there are also much tougher adversaries, such as the Enforcers and Sentinels. While both deadly, they have very different styles. The Enforcers specialize in ranged weaponry, while the Sentinels will challenge any runner in hand-to-hand combat.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be released on May 24th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Check out the image gallery of all the enemies below.

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