It seems the Xbox One did quite well in the month of October, outdoing the PlayStation 4.

In terms of sales, the Xbox One was the clear winner in October. The system was up 81% in year-over-year sales versus how the console did during the same time in 2014. This is impressive considering October was the month that saw the PlayStation 4’s first actual price drop.

In terms of software, the NPD Group released the top 10 best-selling titles for October, showing another win for Microsoft’s console. Xbox One exclusive Halo 5: Guardians came in first, followed by NBA 2K16. In third came Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, while the lone Wii U title on the list, Yoshi’s Wooly World, came in eighth. Interestingly, Minecraft was completely absent from the top ten in October.

Below is a list of the top 10 best-selling titles for the month of October:

  1. Halo 5: Guardians (XBO)
  2. NBA 2K16 (PS3, PS4, 360, XBO)
  3. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate (PS4, XBO)
  4. Madden NFL 16 (PS3, PS4, 360, XBO)
  5. WWE 2K16 (PS3, PS4, 360, XBO)
  6. FIFA 16 (PS3, PS4, 360, XBO)
  7. Destiny: The Taken King (PS3, PS4, 360, XBO)
  8. Yoshi’s Wooly World (Wii U)
  9. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4)
  10. Rock Band 4 (PS4, XBO)

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