Yo-Kai Watch is getting its Western debut later this year, but Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino wants to get the title into as many hands as possible. Talking to IGN, Hino said this could mean we’ll see the franchise expand onto Nintendo’s home console and its upcoming next-gen machine too.

The closest we got to Yo-Kai Watch on the WiiU was previously via Yo-Kai Watch-themed content in a recent Just Dance via a collaboration with Ubisoft. Hino, however, believes Yo-Kai would hold its own quite well on the big screen at home, and told IGN that Level-5 “definitely want to proactively consider” Yo-Kai Watch on the WiiU.

In regard to the Nintendo NX, Hino simply said if the company determines that the upcoming console “can bring Level-5 games to as many kids as possible,” he thinks it “wouldn’t be impossible” to see Level-5 creating software for Nintendo’s next-gen. As Hino didn’t specifically mention bringing Yo-Kai Watch to the NX, this could suggest many of Level-5’s other hits like Layton could potentially find a home on the console.

You can read more details over on IGN.

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