Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm. Everywhere you look you see people, young and old, walking up and down streets with their hands stretched out looking for Pokemon. Stocks rose, young people are embracing the outdoors, the whole Pokemon GO craze has hit its stride. It’s therefore not a surprise when there are now companies trying to obtain the rights to use the Pokemon series in a movie.

Now we’re not talking about a simple cartoon movie much like the dozens that already exist. Companies like Legendary Pictures have been eyeing Nintendo’s cake. According to Deadline, the Legendary company is the leading contender to obtain these rights after their work on the Warcraft and The Dark Knight movies. It was even rumored that Max Landis of Chronicles fame will be writing the script, should the deal go ahead.

For the current time being, reports are only speculative. But Nintendo has stated its desire to work with cinema for their IPs before and that, despite the company focusing on gaming, it wouldn’t be a problem to look into cinematography since the company wants to start catering towards ‘entertainment’ in general.

For the current time being, we can only wait to see if Legendary does take the IP and run with it. With the rise of video game-based movies as of late and the surge in popularity of Pokemon, now is the best time to strike the iron.

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