2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have announced a new Medic Class Hunter for Evolve called Emet.

Emet, who can be seen in the video above, is a “repurposed medical drone made ready for battle.” Emet is available today and can be purchased individually for $5 or for $25 through the Evolve Season 2 pass.

The Season 2 pass will give players access to Emet, a new monster called Gorgon, Assault Class Hunter Lennox, Trapper Class Hunter Jack, and another unannounced Support Class Hunter.

Some of Emet’s featured weapons and gadgets can be found below.

  • REPLAY CANNON – The Replay Cannon fires an explosive dart that tags a target and rapidly fires several homing missiles at that target.
  • HEALING BUOYS – Healing Buoys can be deployed in the field to regenerate health for nearby allies. When Emet uses his medic Heal Burst, a more powerful burst erupts from the buoys.
  • RESPAWN BEACON – The Respawn Beacon teleports Hunters directly from the dropship, reducing respawn times to a mere 30 seconds! If the Monster destroys the beacon before the countdown finishes, the Hunters must wait for the dropship.

Turtle Rock Studios will also release two free Hunter variations “in the coming weeks” to players who already own the game. Details for the new characters Wasteland Maggie and Tech Sergeant Hank as well as the full Update 7 features and patch notes can be found here.

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