Grand Theft Auto V is no stranger to being used to recreate popular video from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer to tributes to the HBO show Breaking Bad. Due to the amazing efforts of one fan, we can now feast our eyes on a remake of the True Detective intro.

YouTube user LLachlann has created an almost exact translation of the season one opening sequence of the much beloved HBO show, True Detective, almost entirely created using in-game footage.

LLachlann was able to capture everything needed in-game except for film burns, film grain, fire elements and cloud footage which he got online and composited (and edited) in Adobe After Effects to great effect. As stated, he was able to recreate an almost exact translation, the only change coming about halfway through the video. “I had to change the scene at 0:40 because I just couldn’t find a way to re-make it properly. Oh well.”

Given the amazing job you did on this project, we’ll forgive you.

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