The emotes in Destiny, previously only obtainable through micro-transaction driven purchases, can now be earned as a possible reward for the completion of the weekly Nightfall Raids.

A Reddit user has reported that upon completing the weekly Nightfall Raid, someone he was associated with was rewarded a “mystery bag.” This mystery bag reportedly contained “one emote from Fall 2015. Highly likely to contain an emote not currently owned.” The emote in question was previously sold by NPC Tess Everis for Silver, but is no longer available for purchase.

Contrary to this, several other Reddit users reported to have received emotes that were still available for purchase through Silver, the currency that Bungie recently introduced which is only obtainable through spending real-world money, making it the first form of microtransaction in the game.

However now that the emotes are obtainable as a weekly reward through Destiny’s Nightfall event, players may feel less inclined to spend their hard earned cash on the items, although the Nightfall Raid can only be completed once a week for a reward.

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