Taking a step towards being more user friendly like on the website, anime streaming service Crunchyroll has changed how they handle subscriptions and privileges on the Wii U app. According to the forum post over on Crunchyroll, the Wii U app is following suit with other devices that already have this change where the user will be able to enjoy their anime in SD and a trickle of ads to help keep up the service.

You can still buy a subscription to the Premium/ Premium+ memberships which will mean users can watch in HD, no ads and no restricted access to new anime and other goodie benefits. If anything, the simulcast is the bigger reason to get the membership. The simulcast gives members the aired episode in roughly an hour to watch with English subtitles.

Crunchyroll boasts an incredible array for anime and manga enthusiasts as well as having an excellent range for people who are looking to get into it.

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