Recently coming out of Steam’s Early Access program, Codemasters’ Dirt Rally now a full retail game. It took some time but fans and driving game buffs seem to be enjoying it quite a lot, the devs themselves even threw in a winter-themed rally map just in time for the holidays. So what’s next? A console port of course!

In an official announcement to the community, CEO Frank Sagnier had this to say. “We want to thank the community for their valuable feedback and support which has guided our development for the past eight months.We are now ready to launch the final version of the game on PC. “Following this success on PC and a vocal demand from consumers, we are delighted to announce that Dirt Rally will be available on consoles on April 5, 2016.”

Since Dirt hasn’t seen a console release since the early years or so of the last console generation, it will be nice to have this series back on shelves again. A little variety never hurt anything, so if you’ve been holding out for some more Dirt gameplay but don’t have the rig to run it, mark your calendar now.

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