Elder Scrolls Online(ESO) developer, Zenimax, has announced a free play weekend in an update on their website. Starting this Thursday, December 10, Xbox One PC and Mac owners will be able to download and play the MMO set in the world of popular games like Skyrim and Morrowind for free.

In addition to the free weekend,  Zenimax is offering a 60% discount on purchase of the game as well as discounts on in game currency, crowns, and the opportunity to enter a $1 million sweepstakes drawing.

After ESO’s initial release in April 2014 as a subscription based MMO, the game’s pricing model has changed. Earlier this year in March the game removed the monthly subscription, requiring only an initial purchase. Alongside the dropping of the subscription fee microtransactions were added to the game in the form of purchasable currency.

Visit for free 'till Monday

Visit for free ’till Monday

The free weekend will not be available on PS4. Zenimax has stated that they are working with Sony to make similar offerings available in the future, though.


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