Conan Exiles had the reveal of its exciting launch trailer recently. Funcom is going to the next step with the marketing of their game this Friday, with a live gameplay stream event due to happen on the developers Twitch channel.

The live stream begins at 19:00 CET/ 1pm EST/ 11am PST on Friday December 2nd via the Funcom Twitch channel. CEO Rui Casais is happy with the reaction from the gaming community for the trailer and states, “With Early Access only two months away this feels like a natural time to start showing the game to the community following its development.”

If you missed the reveal of Conan Exiles, its premise is of an open world sandbox survival game. You begin alone in a barren and dangerous landscape, and, using your ingenuity and skill, advance yourself from sole roamer to (the Gods willing) become the king of a huge city that you help to build from the ground up. The game promises many challenges and dramatic encounters for the player along their journey, and if the gameplay stream offers as much promise as the launch trailer then the game could become a huge title in the genre.

Conan Exiles is due for Early Access release to PC on January 1st 2017, with a game preview launching on Xbox One some time in the Spring of 2017. Stay tuned for more news.

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