FunCom are working on the next big thing in the Open World Survival genre, set in the universe of the brutal Conan the Barbarian comes Conan Exiles. The premise is to begin your journey in the dangerous and barren landscape with nothing but your bare hands and enslave, destroy, and sacrifice your enemies in a mission to rule the wastelands.

A new launch trailer hit YouTube this week and shows some of the building techniques, enemies and huge characters that will be part of the game. The scope of what you can achieve with your world may be what sets this game apart from this already title-rich genre. Big games like Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust and H1Z1 are very popular with gamers. Conan Exiles looks to have all the possibilities of those games and then some.

The vast world is littered with treasures, ruined civilizations, and bloodthirsty tribes. You must survive not just the basic needs for food and water, but the hostile environment, the threat of your mind becoming corrupted, and also the vengeful Gods that will be a hallmark of the title. You are able to craft from the simplest of weapons, up to massive war machines. Starting alone, you can grow your tribe through enslavement and capture, to end up the King of an entire city that you help build from the ground up.

The action will be able to be enjoyed alone, in a PvE experience, or on persistent PvP servers where the threat of destruction from other players will be a real danger. Anyone who is a fan of the survival genre would do well to pay attention to Conan Exiles and its future development. It may well turn out to be a title that has a massive following by the time the full release becomes available.

The game is set to hit Steam Early Access in January 2017, with the Preview coming to Xbox One in Spring 2017.

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