Last October, a small indie studio titled No Matter Studios revealed that they are developing a game titled Prey for the Gods, a game that takes quite a few notes from Shadow of the Colossus in its larger-than-human boss fighting, as well as the mystique of the lore and plot behind the game. Since then, the three-person development team has just started their Kickstarter campaign.

Spending $15 will net contributors a Steam key for the game when it releases, while donating $25 will allow contributers to pick between the PC or console versions of the game. However, the game will only release on consoles if they meet their stretch goal of $600,000, double what the Kickstarter needs to be fully funded.

With 27 days left to go, No Matter Studios has already garnered a little under half the contributions needed to be fully Kickstarted, sitting squarely around $148,000.

In a section titled “Why Kickstarter,” No Matter Studios stated that, “…we’ve come pretty far and are about 25% of the way in development. While we’ve come a long way, there’s still a lot of work left to do. In order for us to continue development and keep creative control we need to ask for your help.”

If you’re interested in a sort of spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus, check out their Kickstarter page and official page for Prey for the Gods.

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