Fable Legends was included in Microsoft’s “greatest games lineup in Xbox history” for the latter half of the year, but has failed to actually move past being in a limited closed beta that requirers users to agree to a non-disclosure agreement to play.

Game Informer questioned Microsoft about the game, with their response stating that more information would be revealed in the  “coming weeks.”

“As a service-based title in closed beta, we’re always working to make sure that when we open Fable Legends to everyone, that it’s a great gameplay experience,” a Microsoft representative said. “We are continuing to expand our closed beta and will have more details to share in the coming weeks.”

Microsoft marketing executive Aaron Greenberg told GameSpot a similar stance on Fable Legends in October.

“We’ll move those titles into full, open beta when they’re ready,” Greenberg said. “But we don’t want to rush that until they’re ready. So, at this point, we’re staying in closed beta and we’ll share more news when we’re ready to. But it’s been nice to see the initial reaction from fans that have been playing and a lot of demand from more people who want to get in and experience those games.”

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