All Destiny players will be getting free loot from Bungie to start off the new year.

In an end of year blog post earlier in the week, the developer has said that every player will receive 15 Strange Coins and 15 Motes of Light come January 7 completely free . Players will be able to pick up their new year gifts from The Tower’s Postmaster once they are delivered.

There’s also a new emblem on the way for active players; any Destiny fan who logs in between January 7 and January 10 will receive an ‘exclusive’ emblem, to be revealed at a later date. All you have to do to receive these gifts is simply hop in and play one mission or take part in a single activity, as this is how the developer is tracking player activity.

You’ll be able to pick up this exclusive emblem on January 12, and we’ll be given more details on it at a later date.

After Sparrow Racing League, these free items seem to be the first step in the new content release schedule that Bungie proposed earlier this month, stating that Year 2 won’t be the “giant, monolithic packs” it saw in the first year.

With SRL drawing to a close on December 29, Bungie have also announced the winners of its Sparrow Racing League Film Festival. You can view the grand prize-winning video below, which is a Destiny music video set to Rihanna’s ‘Shut Up and Drive.’ The creator is receiving a special edition Destiny PS4 and a whole host of digital goodies to boot.

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