For only until tomorrow, December 12, Target is offering a special deal on the Xbox One.

By using the Target Cartweel app, you can purchase a new Xbox One console with a %15 discount, bringing the original price of $300 down to $255.  For those with a Red card membership, you can lower that price even more with an additional 5%; so from $255 to $243.

This discount is good for all Xbox One consoles, the one exception being the Halo 5: Guardians addition.  However, the Halo 5: Guardian bundle is still available through the Cartweel app for %10 off.  So you can still knock $45 dollars off the original $450 price. This offer also expires on the 12th.

Target Bundle

Halo 5: Guardians Xbox, available for %10 through the Target Cartweel app

Best Buy is also offering a deal for the 11th only: $500 for the XBox One and a 40-inch HDTV.  And through December 26th, this console is also marked down by $50.

Remember, this deal is only good for today, so get it quickly before it’s gone!

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