Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns launch trailer was revealed yesterday.

ArenaNet revealed its launch trailer for Guilds Wars 2‘s first expansion. Unlike a Blizzard CG trailer, ArenaNet uses in game content. The trailer shows a new enemy controlling thorns, and the big bad forest dragon of the expansion. The Char is using a new skill, obtainable in the expansion against against a wyvern. Mordremoth, the forest dragon will be voice by Nolan North. The dragon’s words can only be understood by the Sylvari race. Other races will only hear Mordremoth making dragon sounds.

The Heart of Thorns expansion adds the Magnuum Jungle zone. It also adds a new personal storyline, new races and civilizations. Completing certain quests will grant you new armor sets and weapons. The Revenant class will also be available through the expansion. There are tons of new content. The Guild Wars 2 Hearts of Thorns will be available on October 23rd this year.

The core game of Guild Wars 2 recently became free to play. If you are new to the series, you can test out the regular game for free. The game can be purchased here.



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