Earlier, the Total War YouTube channel showed off the trailer that gave us a first look at Total War: WARHAMMER’s campaign. Now, Ian Roxburgh, the Game Director, is going through the extensive amount of detail on the campaign map and the gameplay from a new video on the channel. This video shows off various interesting features including hero items and buffs, tech trees and occupation details.

During the campaign, the Orcs are securing foothold locations as they push towards the Dwarf capital. As the campaign progresses, Ian thoroughly goes through the goblin workshop tech tree for the orcs that allow them to receive new units such as giants. It was mentioned that the tech trees for all races are varied, for example, the Orcs are aggressive, the Dwarves work on civic and military tech.

This footage doesn’t show a proper controlled battle, however, rest assured it does exist. For the sake of time and showing off the campaign map, the video has opted to skip past this and utilize the auto-resolve battle button. The game is shaping up quite nicely and looks incredibly detailed. Total War: WARHAMMER is slated for release on Microsoft Windows on April 28th, 2016.

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