Fallout Shelter released for iOS devices this past June. Now, Bethesda has released an infographic showing some the milestones that players had reached during the game’s first month.

According to the infographic (seen below), players logged in more than 1 billion total play sessions. Gamers have played Fallout Shelter for a combined 29 million hours, and have created more than 85.3 million vaults.

Other stats include characters giving birth to 82 million babies, 64.9 million dwellers have explored the Wasteland, 20.9 million deaths in the Wasteland, 118.7 million Radroach infestations, and 119.5 million fires started. The infographic does not mention how times the game has been downloaded, nor how much revenue the game has made.


Fallout Shelter is available on iOS and Android devices. As the Android version recently released, the infographic does not include info on that version of the game. Fallout Shelter’s companion game, Fallout 4, releases on November 10th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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