Heroes of the Storm has stormed into the world of MOBAs, taking many by surprise as a contender for the eSport genre. With Blizzard funding the largest tournament of the year at Blizzcon, its hard not to get people excited for the game.

Unfortunately for those who’d like to watch their friends practice, the feature won’t be coming anytime soon. As confirmed by Dustin Browder, (via Twitter) the long awaited spectate mode is not currently being worked on; he did say that he’d like to see that feature as well.

Dustin Browder also made note Lunara, who is up next for Heroes of the Storm. The ranged assassin has a high mobility, with a 20% permanent speed increase. Lunara also has a ward ability, allowing her to sent out the wisp and scout nearby bushes and whatever else she feels the team needs vision on. Dustin Browder said that they are trying to get her out by the end of the year, and we should see no delay around the holiday time as the production staff have things “planned out very well”.

For updates on Heroes of the Storm, your fastest source is Dustin Browder’s personal Twitter feed. His interaction with the fans is very different from when he worked on Star Craft II, and he even apologized for the stark difference.



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