Netflix has almost single-handedly changed the way people watch movies, television shows, and the way we “chill” at home. Often times when we find the strength to move on, the streaming service recommends something to us and it makes us feel like it was made just for us. Now we’ve found a way to find what is recommended for everyone else.

Certain genres, such as Martial Arts Movies, only come up if you have previously shown an interest in martial arts films. Now, a page on Reddit has revealed a series of codes and the movie genres they allow you to search through. Ever wanted to narrow your search to a list of deep sea horror movies? Now you can. Another hero to the Internet world has taken these codes and made direct links to the genres on Netflix. Check out the website here to truly bask in their glory.

If searching through Netflix was too much of a tedious task before, these new milestones just might help. They could also extend your search by an hour, but who knows. Time to lay on the couch with hot chocolate and potato chips and find out.

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