After three days of competition, Intel Extreme Masters Cologne has drawn to a close, with results remarkably similar to the Season Three World Championship.

On the first day of competition Team Dignitas faced off against the Chinese Qiao Gu Reapers. Despite a strong performance in game one, in classic Dignitas fashion they managed to throw at baron, losing the series 1-2.

The next day saw Cloud9 facing off against H2k Gaming and Fnatic playing the Qiao Gu Reapers. After a strong game one, Cloud9 were unable to keep up their momentum and ended up losing to H2k, despite strong play from Hai in his new support role. Fnatic had a similar experience against Qiao Gu. Despite a convincing performance by their new roster in game one, they faltered and were unable to secure the series.

The final game kicked off with H2k playing Korea’s Ever to see who would face Qiao Gu in the finals. Despite not technically being in LCK, Ever managed to defeat H2k. The finals were a hard fought match between the two Asian teams, but ultimately Ever ended up on top.

Ironically, despite winning both the KeSPA Cup and IEM Cologne, Ever still does not have a spot in next year’s LCK.

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