After leaks earlier this week, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture has officially been confirmed for PC.

While no details were given on how soon players can expect to see it, developer The Chinese Room acknowledged the leaks in their confirmation of the PC version.

The game’s creative director Dan Pinchbeck spoke with PC Gamer about the game’s transition from PS4 to PC.

“We always wanted to get it onto PC as it’s kind of our home turf and we’ve got a lot of really passionate, supportive fans on PC,” he said. “We kept making sure all the way through development that Sony knew that we could do it, and that we really wanted to do it. Around the time Rapture came out on PS4 there must have been an internal discussion at their end, as suddenly it became a possibility, so we jumped at the chance. It’s a bit like coming home—we’re absolutely chuffed to bits it’s going to get a PC release.”

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